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CTO - Founder

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Francis Melemedjian is co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of P2link. After graduating from Supelec, Paris France 1984, Francis joined Hewlett-Packard’s central labs in Colorado Springs USA and Amsterdam as an application engineer. Following that he held European Sales Manager positions for several big names in the ICT sector, namely Hewlett-Packard, Convex Supercomputers, Cadence Design Systems, Lucent Technologies, 3Com and Altium.

More recently he became involved in the field of cloud computing and cyber security as an associated creator of NTX Research, inventor of XC cryptographic technology and “Sea-Battle” authentication with a unique Dematerialized 2-Factor Strong Authentication for users and equipment with One Time Password Authentication (OTP) in challenge-response protocol matrix system deployable on any device, and unbreakable user secret code.

He advises P2link on cybersecurity strategy and he brings his strong expertise in logistical processes in the USA.

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