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P2PatientMonitoring, the cohort monitoring platform that will enable deployment of your healthcare and innovative care pathway projects

Solution designed for clinical researchers, healthcare facilities and the pharmaceutical industry…

P2PatientMonitoring is far more than just a technical platform: its committed and experienced team will provide you with valuable support throughout your project.

A platform dedicated
to care pathways and cohort monitoring

P2link’s P2PatientMonitoring solution provides you with a telemedicine platform that is capable of receiving patient data originating from a wide range of sources: The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), questionnaires, patient health records, test results.

The solution enables integration, monitoring, collection, secure storage, as well as analysis of this data. The result of this analysis process may trigger alerts and generate tasks to be fulfilled by the patient, their caregivers, or the medical team. P2PatientMonitoring is becoming crucial to the coordination of all stakeholders involved in a patient’s care pathway.

A customizable, secure, turnkey platform dedicated to innovative care pathways and the monitoring of patients in their homes.

Due to its customizable design, the platform enables to formalize any protocol and can be programmed to encompass complete cohorts or focus on individual patients, and cover a range of pathologies down to specific situations, thus making it an ideal solution for clinical researchers, healthcare facilities or pharmaceutical companies…

P2link’s senior team will help you define your needs and then deploy your project thanks to its extensive expertise in the fields of medicine, I.T., the pharmaceutical industry, design and project management. P2PatientMonitoring places the emphasis on user-experience and will provide you with valuable support throughout the entire duration of the project.

“The P2PatientMonitoring solution deployed within the framework of the PASCALINE project (e-health project in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region) initiated by the URPS [regional HCP body] and ARS [regional healthcare authorities] Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, fully met our expectations. Furthermore, its implementation was optimized thanks to our participation and tailored support provided by the P2link team: management, engineering, medical competencies, design…”
Dr Marcel Garigou-Grandchamp – URPS médecins Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

Designed for clinical researchers, healthcare facilities and the pharmaceutical industry

P2PatientMonitoring is designed to meet the needs of the sponsors of cohort studies: clinical researchers, practitioners, obstetrics facilities, follow-up and rehabilitation centers, the pharmaceutical industry, CRO (Contract Research Organization).

Telemedicine now enables to follow outpatients, as well as interact and share information with a range of stakeholders in a simple and secure manner. The process is highly cost-effective while ascertaining data remains secure and fully traceable.

The P2PatientMonitoring platform provides you with a turnkey and customizable solution that will enable you to rapidly implement your project thanks to a secure, robust and polyvalent design. The solution can be used to test new organizational approaches or innovative care pathways (e.g. “Article 51”), monitor chronic patients (e.g. “ETAPES project”), manage complex outpatient treatment regimens, establish epidemiological registers, run PMS (Post-Marketing Surveys), monitor pharmacovigilance procedures…

Care pathways

Our P2PatientMonitoring platform is designed specifically for clinical researchers, practitioners and healthcare facilities.

It enables you to focus on the medical, organizational, human and financial aspects of your project: definition of the pathway, roles and responsibilities of the various people involved, information to be shared, logistics, monitoring indicators, alert thresholds and attitudes to be adopted.

There is thus no need for you to face the burden of developing a digital solution and struggle to solve its inherent technical issues, deal with potential design errors, and above all juggle with deadlines that are notoriously hard to predict.

Cohort monitoring

P2PatientMonitoring integrates all the features required by the pharmaceutical industry and CROs. It was conceived and designed by a team of experts who are highly familiar with the work methods and protocols specific to this industry: temporary drug approvals, clinical trials, PMS, registers.

The platform is fully customizable and can thus be tailored to your patient monitoring protocol, collect data originating from the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), put together then administer and analyze questionnaires, as well as collect this data in a patient record while ascertaining it remains secure, confidential and fully traceable. The solution enables to segment the cohort into patient categories, comorbidity stages, or physicians involved in the pathway, all the way down to the individual if need be. P2PatientMonitoring manages all authorizations and thus guarantees data and access remain fully secure.



Administrative section: marital status, administrative information, family…;
Medical section: medical history, treatments, serology, allergies…;
Attachment section: new uploads can be added at any time;
List of caregivers, treating physicians, medical team, and other people/institutions responsible for the patient who may receive tasks and alerts;
Pre-inclusion and equipment request forms;
Access to various questionnaires customized to specific groups of patients;
A set of indicators automatically updated depending on the measurements taken and answers to patient questionnaires;
List of tasks indicating the actions expected for the patient;
Record of events with dates and full traceability.


Synthetic overview of the entire cohort of patients followed;
View of the latest measurements uploaded (time and date);
View of measurements defined as abnormal according to the protocol;
Management of predefined statuses: patient categories, indications, stages, comorbidities…;
Filtering by functional group.

Search over a specific period of time;
Monitoring of inclusions;
Monitoring of compliance;
Search and visualization of HCP typologies with activity indicators;
Search and visualization of alerts, number of patients and participant connections;
Search and visualization of the number of attached documents and classification per type.


P2PatientMonitoring enables you to customize your protocols. This solution can easily be used both by project managers and physicians thanks to a design specifically developed to integrate rules and tasks engines.

– Define indicators to be followed and customize simple, mixed or hybrid parameters;
– Define alerts based on thresholds or calculations;
– Manage compliance in proactive mode;
– Implement various statistical and predictive models

– Customize and organize the sending of messages or emails related to specific tasks;
– Define and customize who the alerts and tasks are sent to;
– Creation of events;
– Traceability of the various procedures.

P2PatientMonitoring is the guarantee of a solution that can be customized and tailored specifically to your project. You can select from a broad range of tried and tested functionalities depending on your needs.

The P2PatientMonitoring solution has undergone successful testing

P2PatientMonitoring is far more than just a platform: you will receive full backing from P2link’s highly experienced team

The P2PatientMonitoring solution was tested with success within the framework of “Pascaline”, the TSN project of the Rhône-Alpes region. It fully met the expectations of the URPS Médecins Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes [regional HCP body] that instigated the project, as well as office-based participants and patients. This test proved the robustness and reliability of the solution, as well as the simplicity of its logistics and implementation.
Furthermore, the P2link team has acquired extensive experience regarding the implementation of healthcare and telemedicine projects and can provide you with valuable support from the concept development to the deployment stages. In the words of Dr Marcel Garigou-Grandchamp of the URPS Médecins Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes “P2PatientMonitoring also includes customized support from the P2link team: management, engineering, medical expertise, design…”

Use cases

Innovative care pathways

Pre and post-bariatric surgery multi-disciplinary outpatient monitoring

Obese patients who are candidates for bariatric surgery require close monitoring by a multi-disciplinary team: treating physician, surgeon, nutritionist, patient education specialist, sleep specialist… Parameters such as weight, psychological state, blood pressure, heart rate, physical exercise, or compliance with diet recommendations must be monitored on the long term. These patients also present comorbidities such as high blood pressure, diabetes, depression or sleep apnea which all require evaluation and monitoring…
P2PatientMonitoring enables you to formalize this care pathway by customizing the rules as well as tasks to be performed by the members of the multi-disciplinary team. The solution also provides them with shared, traceable and secure information, by combining the events created by the members of the team, questionnaires self-completed by patients or administered during visits to their homes or patient education sessions, and finally measurements taken by connected objects set up at patients’ home (scales, actimeter, blood pressure monitor, heart rate monitor, +/- blood-sugar monitor).

Based on a pre-defined protocol, the alert engine warns the HCP concerned in the event of anomalies: figures in excess of the threshold, abnormal data, non-compliance… The task and alert rules may apply to an entire cohort, a sub-group or even an individual, meaning it is easy to tailor the solution to your specific needs.

Activity monitoring dashboards make it possible to put together detailed reports and statistics. The latter enable to analyze results and the relevance of this pathway within the framework of feasibility studies or economic evaluations of healthcare projects.

Thanks to its extensive expertise in the fields of medicine, I.T., project organization and healthcare data security, the P2link team will provide you with all the technical support you need to design the project and implement it in a cost-effective manner while abiding by deadlines.

Cohort Temporary Approval

Monitoring in the outpatient setting of patients receiving a treatment with a temporary approval

Patients taking monoclonal antibodies for certain forms of cancer (NSCLC, breast, ovary, skin cancer…), or being treated for neurological diseases (MS, spasticity due to neurological disorders affecting the brain or spine) or chronic rheumatic conditions all require precise and documented adverse event monitoring.

Specific clinical and physiological parameters must be taken into account such as weight, heart rate, blood pressure, temperature or physical exercise. Regular evaluation of scores and scales must be carried out: ECOG, LANSKY, KARNOFSKY, ASHWORTH, EDSS… Various HCPs/organizations may monitor patients: treating physicians, hospital-based physicians, prescribing physicians, drug manufacturers, hospital-based pharmacists, home-care nurses…

P2PatientMonitoring enables you to:
– Create a patient record that can be accessed by practitioners based on their rights and authorizations, collect monitoring parameters in a secure and traceable manner, create events when adverse events occur;

- Customize indicators, set alert thresholds and related tasks;
– Monitor the clinical condition of the patient thanks to connected objects in the patient’s home (scales, actimeter, thermometer, blood pressure monitor…) and questionnaires self-completed by the patient or administered by the medical team (autonomy scales, depression scales…);
– Monitor in real-time the evolution of your cohort, the number of patients included, the activity of prescribing physicians, the number of alerts, dosing adjustments. Activity and alert monitoring functions enable you to feed and enrich regular synthesis reports submitted to national medicines and healthcare authorities.

Thanks to its expertise in the fields of medicine, the pharmaceutical industry, I.T. and healthcare data security, the P2link team will help you set up and customize the P2PatientMonitoring platform to ascertain your cohort monitoring is deployed in an optimal as well as cost and time-efficient manner.

PMS (Post Marketing Survey)

Setting up of a PMS (Post Marketing Survey) in parallel with the launch of a new drug

The launch of a new drug is always a critical moment for a pharmaceutical manufacturer despite all the knowledge acquired during the development phase.

It is thus within the framework of such a launch that PMS (post-marketing surveys) are carried out to confirm the product’s efficacy and tolerability profile and obtain real-life data with patients who differ from those selected for clinical trials. This data proves extremely useful in order to provide finer adjustments to product and patient profiles, validate and renegotiate reimbursement agreements…

With the patient record, P2PatientMonitoring enables regular monitoring of patients while focusing on relevant clinical, physiological or psychological parameters. Data is uploaded by the prescribing physician, via connected devices or questionnaires. The vast array of reliable IoMT means it is possible to tailor monitoring to many different pathologies: scales, blood pressure monitors, thermometers, spirometers, oximeters, blood-sugar monitors, actimeters…

Secure access to this information is made available to the treating physician and project team in full compliance with confidentiality regulations and authorizations. In the presence of adverse events, physicians may also create an event which triggers an alert that can be monitored directly by the manufacturer’s pharmacovigilance team. The project team may follow in real-time the evolution of the cohort, the number of patients, the activity of prescribing physicians, alerts…

Thanks to its expertise in the fields of medicine, the pharmaceutical industry, I.T. and healthcare data security, the P2link team will help you set up your protocol. With P2PatientMonitoring it is possible to choose the connected devices, customize the protocol and logistics in collaboration with P2link. Your study shall thus be deployed seamlessly in collaboration with your teams and its sponsors, with the aim of achieving optimum cost-efficiency.

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