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P2link approach for Medical and Healthcare context

P2link approach focuses on chronic diseases rather than acute illnesses. Chronic diseases impact the patient until the end of their life and makes up 80+ percent of total healthcare expenses. P2link focuses on the two most common chronic pathologies, CHF and COPD, making a total avoidable cost of hospitalization of $23bn in USA, $14bn in Europe and $56bn in the world.

Digital Health Centers and technology to drive Secondary prevention

P2link’s approach is to anticipate deterioration cycles by monitoring key medical indicators, combining latest technologies, holding face-to-face meetings, giving psychological support and re-socialization. P2link secondary prevention lays on individualized hybrid services, always managed by a single point of contact, a dedicated Digital Health Center (DHC).

Depending on the stage of the disease, patients’ homes are equipped with tailored connected medical devices. Using the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), significant physiological parameters are collected on a regular basis and transmitted to P2link’s predictive engine. DHCs, run by care managers and supervised by senior nurses, launch necessary preventive actions by monitoring all unusual activities and alerts generated by the AI-enabled predictive engine.

Win/win solution

P2link has run a 15-month successful proof-of-concept project in France (Rhône-Alpes-Auvergne region) in partnership with local clinics and public healthcare administrations. These predictive services have proven to improve patients’ life conditions and have avoided significant costs. P2link business model is built around sharing cost savings between all stakeholders; health insurance companies, hospitals and public healthcare systems.


For the time being, P2link focuses on two severe and disabling pathologies, CHF and COPD. With DHCs in place, P2link will have the capacity to support more pervasive diseases just by appending records matching country specific proven medical protocols and new cases as well. In the long term, P2link could even widen the scope of its services, using the same infrastructure to address other disorders or needs of elderly people with limited mobility to prevent their de-socialization, pregnant women in need of special pre-natal attention, teenagers with addiction to substances, charity programs with dispensaries in developing countries…


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P2link focuses on chronic diseases rather than acute illnesses. Chronic diseases impact the patient…


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