Management solution for secondary prevention

P2CareManagement, management solution for home-based secondary prevention of chronic diseases.

P2CareManagement takes a fresh look at telemedicine by offering
a holistic solution of care management that values the human approach to patient monitoring.

An innovative strategy rooted in 15 years of experience!

a complete offer for health insurers

P2CareManagement is the solution that P2link offers to healthcare payers (public and private) and hospitals responsible for the patient pathway. We currently focuse on two chronic diseases, Chronic Heart Failure (CHF) and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), of which 60% of the cost of management are spend in hospital care.

Innovative strategy

The innovative strategy is based on an efficient system for patient with chronic diseases management and follow-up , placing the patient at the heart of the process.

This process is divided into two parts, one more technological with a telemedicine platform: the DHP (Digital Health Plateform), the other more accompanying with a team of care managers within the DHC (Digital Health Center).

Cost reduction

Our main innovation is that we make a multi-faceted medical follow-up accessible, addressing 80% of the medical expenses of diseases of concern in the world. Our approach decreases chronic disease costs by anticipating and reducing patient re-hospitalization.

Our promise is to reduce costs from $2,000 to $6,000/year per patient depending on the stage of the disease.


To observe this principle, P2link has aligned all its development and plan with a simple and affordable cost reducing strategy. P2CareManagement is the solution to keep patients suffering from chronic diseases at home as long as possible. Thanks to the multicriteria support set up with DHP and DHC being a mixe between technology and human.

With P2CareManagement, P2link promises health insurers to reduce costs from $2000 to $6000/year per depending on the stage of the disease.

is based on two approaches

The latest technologies will play a key role, but the P2link experienced team is realistic and knows that machines alone cannot solve everything. Innovation only makes sense when driven and controlled by subject matter experts, as nobody wants to obey a smartphone or a computer without human approval. Our vision has allowed us to set up not one but two complementary approaches for optimum patient follow-up. They combine both new technologies, with the Digital Health Platform (DHP) and the human factor with the Digital Health Center (DHC) which offers a more psychological long-term follow-up.

Proximity is critical to deliver high quality services. Proximity is critical to deliver high quality services. P2link Digital Health Centers are integrated in the same geographical areas as those of the patients and managed by a well-respected local medical expert sharing common ethical values. This regional approach, based on easy to manage multiple human-size Digital Health Centers, will bridge the medical gap that remote, isolated, lower class and aging populations have to deal with.

Digital Health Platform (DHP)

This “home-based” strategy offers better living conditions. The Digital Health Platform (DHP) monitoring service provides dedicated and personalized support for each patient on a continuous basis. In addition, the platform respects the rights of patients in a familiar, safe and secure environment, without hassle for family and friends. Finally, our DHP platform is rooted directly from the experience of our team with cohort management, task rules, and customizable questionnaires… It takes into account the expectations of insurers or hospitals, the medical team, the patient.

Digital Health Center (DHC)

To avoid these exacerbation cycles, P2link has created an innovative concept: be the one and only point of contact between all the stakeholders surrounding the patient at home.

This is where our Digital Health Centers (DHC) come in, a P2link approach where humans play a key role while being assisted by the latest technologies. The DHC is the cornerstone allowing the convergence of the digital information and the personalized follow-up of each patient by the team of care manager and the nurse supervisors.



Dynamic supervision offers a synthetic view of the entire cohort of patients followed by care manager and then by nurse supervisors to manage programmed actions and unscheduled actions. The industrial-type processes put in place make it possible to take care of patients with the best quality / price ratio.

The service provided by P2link could be described as a secure dispatching and monitoring platform that relieves and avoids the repetitive tasks of the patient’s care team and medical team.


The tool allows to aggregate the different medical, biometric, environmental, physiological, social and psychological data of the patient. These data are already existing or acquired using IoMT, questionnaires, simple phone calls. All relevant information is processed, sorted, verified, viewed and reported as alerts to the patient’s medical and care team. This information concerns for example the observance, the crossing of thresholds …

Finally, at the beginning, this tool can be completely autonomous vis-à-vis the IT system of the hospital or ambulatory care team of the patient and to be gradually integrated with it.


The solution includes an integrated IPABX allowing multimodal telephone management of active queue of patients following different programs.

The care management tool is fully integrated with these Customer-Relationship tools. The different configurable levels of the Health CRM part allow a gradation and a cascade management of the actions both in transmission and reception: sending text messages, scheduled and unscheduled telephone calls…


DHC access is secure and historized. It is the true physical hub of the organization. It is the cornerstone of the solution allowing the convergence of digital information and the personalized follow-up of each patient by the care manager team and the nurse supervisors.

Each employee is trained on topics such as compliance with standards, HIPAA, GDPR… caregiver management, or patient follow-up. This point is particularly studied by our care managers.To avoid all the decompensation cycles, we make them follow a continuous training around the psychology or the understanding of the different signals perceived during the regular interviews with the patient.

A complete platform for patient follow-up management, allowing the aggregation of different medical, biometric, environmental, physiological, social and psychological data.

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