Telemedicine platform for IoMT

P2FastTrack the telemedicine platform for IoMT to speed up the deployment of your health IoT

New in the world of IoMT design. P2link launches the P2FastTrack demonstrator dedicated connected health objects.

Will IoMTs make patients’ life simpler?

P2FastTrack will simplify that of their designers!

A demonstrator
to help the IoMT designers

Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) objects send patient health data to a third party, be it a doctor, medical and nursing team, hospital … including blood pressure monitors, pulsometers, heart rate monitors, activity trackers, scales and more. The dynamism of the tech sector in France and internationally shows that many start-ups are fully capable of developing such objects, combining innovation and creativity. But if these new objects can detect, capture and transmit information, what about exploiting and adding value to these medical data?

The first funds raised allow the engineers, designers, ergonomists and marketers of start-ups to focus on the design and development of these devices. However, there is very rarely is there an opportunity to connect with a telemedicine application, even though this would provide useful validation and allow the medical team to interpret immediately the data received.

Connect today your IoTs with the shared, optimized and customizable P2link telemedicine application.

P2link’s core business is the development of care management / medical monitoring applications. With P2FastTrack, P2link is offering access to these applications. A proven, effective, ergonomic product meeting medical standards and, above all, an accelerator for start-ups and other creators of health IoT to save time for their testing and PoC processes.

P2FastTrack is designed to receive data sent by any IoMT and offers a range of settings and customizations suited to the diversity of connected objects. Its integration will relieve pressure on product development teams during complex periods of fundraising.

“Had I known P2link’s P2FastTrack platform before, we would have saved a lot of time in our start-up phase by focusing only on our core business: the connected object” Jacques Husser – Remedee Founder – Former Sigfox COO

P2FastTrack’s platform
an open solution for health IoT

Connect your IoMT with P2FastTrack’s intelligent data collection and analysis platform to open up the scope of your project. Our platform was designed, from he outset, to comply with all standards in telemedicine and to allow rapid connection of any health IoT on the market.

Collect and process the data from your IoT using many functionalities: compliance management, alert thresholds settings, monitoring of indicators, questionnaires, rules engine… In addition, the solution developed by P2link is structured around several parts: patient records, dashboards, web services, and administration tools.



Administrative data: civil status, administrative information, next of kin…;
Medical information: medical histoy and treatment, serology, allergies …;
Attached documents that can be used and recorded at any time;
Timeline featuring medical or technical events related to patients;
Access to various questionnaires customized for groups of patients;
Indicators updated automatically according to measures taken by patients and answers to medical questionnaires;
List of tasks describing the actions expected for each patient;
Business view, including patients search…;
Access to the last medical records consulted;
Filter by status.


A comprehensive view of patient activity;
View all latest measures for each patient on one screen;
Measures that have triggered an alert are highlighted;
View only patients belonging to the same group;

A complete real-time reporting of key system indicators;
Filter by start and end date;
Report on usage by health professional, by patient, by medical device;
Report on alerts by type, by patient, by patient profile;
Report on record completion, number of attachments.


The rules and task engines are fully configurable and may be adapted to your IoT and your business needs.

It is possible to calculate real-time indicators to:
– Analyze coherence of the reported information;
– Detect breaks in the technical chain of IoT data;
– Manage patient observance;
– Implement various statistical and predictive models.

It is possible to set up and schedule different tasks as sending messages, sending emails, creating events …


Manage the fleet of equipment;
Define active indicators, and configure hybrid indicators;
Configuration follow-up rules and observance rules;
Manage users and health records
Patient enrolment tools;
Management user and patients’ groups;
Manage and apply user profiles and rights management;
Use enrolment forms with mini workflow and full traceability.

Collect and process data from your IoT thanks to many functionalities: compliance  management, alert thresholds settings, monitoring of indicators, questionnaires, rules engine…

Add value to the health data from your IoMTs.

P2link offers its solution as a server collecting for the health data from your IoMTs.

Everything is done either in an approved environment or a test environment, allowing your solution to benefit from powerful functionalities. These are fully aligned with what may be expected from a modern web service platform. They allow the historic contextualization of indicators resulting from measurements or questionnaires, the implementation of rules, multi-patient management by health professionals, and reporting tools.

Technical features

Medical Device data

Patient identity can be managed by the third-party system, or by P2link.
If managed by P2link, the third-party system may not know who the patients are, and patient/measure association is done by P2link.
If Managed by the third-party system, patient information is transmitted to P2link along with medical device data.

Web services

P2FastTrack can operate in either PUSH or PULL mode, which makes it easier to integrate with any third-party application.
In Push mode: the third party application must expose a web service that P2FastTrack can call on a regular basis to get new data.
In Pull mode: the third party application consumes the Web service exposed by P2FastTrack whenever required (typically when a new measure or set of measures is available).
The PUSH mode is preferable in that it is closer to real time and avoids inefficient web service calls.


P2FastTrack can process both “active” and “passive” data received from the third-party system.

Passive data is stored in P2link database, but does not trigger any indicator or rule calculation. Passive data can typically be a technical audit trail, device parameters, additional data…
Active data is stored in the P2link database, but automatically triggers indicator calculation and rule evaluation. Only active data can trigger alerts. Active data results in indicator values being updated and visible on patient graphs. Active data coming from third-party devices can be cross-referenced with questionnaire results and scores building Artificial Intelligence models


P2link exposes a web service that allows an application developed for smartphones to feed the P2link system with questionnaire results. Such an application can be used by the patient or the Health Professional. It can be developed by the third party or by P2link..

P2link questionnaires have the following characteristics:
– Questions and allowed answers are stored in the P2link system ;
– A WS exposed by P2link lets the smartphone application retrieve all questions and allowed answers ;
– Multiple questionnaires can be created ;
– User groups can be defined, with access to various questionnaires ;
Questionnaire answers can be stored as passive data, and/or can result in score and indicator calculation.


P2link is a web application built on DOT.NET technology. P2link is based on a REST-type web service layer that isolates the UI from the business and data layers, and allows for third party systems to plugin.

P2link is compliant with all navigators on the market (in relatively recent versions) and is OS-independent. User interface implements responsive design rules to provide perfect rendering for all screen formats above 10”.

P2FastTrack pricing
A simple 2-step formula

Step 1 – SET-UP

Step 1 includes:
Usage of P2link web services to push medical device data.
Customization by P2link of up to 15 simple-type fields.
Branding: add your logo and company name to the P2link user interface.
Customization of 2 simple questionnaires, each generating a score.
Hosting of P2link application is standard environment (non HCDS).

2 days of support
Usage of all P2link platform features: create indicators, configure rules engine, generate alerts, associate patients, manager Health Professional user accounts…

Step 2 – RUN

Use P2FastTrack and all its features with the following limitations.
Up to 10 medical device of a single model type.
Up to 100 users (patients and/or Health Professionals).
Standard login/password authentication.
Maintenance and support during business hours included.


Hosting in HCDS environment required for production and real patient data.
OTP authentication.
Additional web service integration, with calls by P2link to third party API for alerting, logs…
Customization: user interface, data model, questionnaires…

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