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VP Communication Marketing

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Jerome was trained as an interior design professional with a degree from the Academy Charpentier and Graphic Arts at Estienne-Corvisart Paris and a graduate degree from the Media Institute at the University of Grenoble. Jerome started his career with leading communication agencies before moving to the Grenoble area in the 80s where he joined the SP3 Communication Group, specializing in retail.

He founded Triangle Industries, and is a respected speaker B2B issues including for Computer Associates France. Partner at Ilso advertising, Jérôme Maniaque works closely with Paul at the launch of ID9 Prima communication. His experiences and expertise are nationally recognized and gave him the opportunity to handle issues of general interest and public enterprises on the difficult and sensitive issue of “services to people 24/7″.

Co-founder of Med4Sails, he focuses on e-health, crisis communication management and contextual domains (crisis management, quality management…), but also on the financial and global communications. He contribute to P2link with a comprehensive expertise, punctuated by numerous professional awards in the various segments of communication.