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AI-enabled predictive engine

P2link’s approach is unique and uses the latest technology. Based on the medical and functional knowledge of the team, the proposed solution aims to prevent chronic disease deterioration and exacerbations requiring hospitalization.
Methods implemented in the predictive engine predict the future of a patient using all accessible parameters: physiological, biological, environmental, social, psychological…
This approach allows a completely personalized follow-up and leads to an active acceptance and participation of the patient.
In summary, P2link aims to significantly reduce the number of foreseeable hospitalization days thanks to a continuous 3-week anticipation set up using the P2link predictive model (secondary or tertiary prevention).

The originality of P2link approach lies in a holistic view of the patient environment and health status. Taking in consideration many components such as: Social status, psychological state, biometric, physiological and biological parameters, all those components are monitored and used in P2link predictive engine using Artificial Intelligence algorithms.
These exacerbation cycles are anticipated by monitoring key medical indicators using a combination of the latest technology, face-to-face services, psychological support and re-socialization. We can reach this ambitious objective only with a holistic approach, combining on-demand hybrid set of services but managed by a single and unique point of contact, a dedicated Digital Health Center (DHC).


At home, patients are equipped with connected devices (IoMT), depending on their chronic disease. Health Information provided are transmitted to P2link predictive engine through a secure blockchain solution.