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Designed by P2link for local entrepreneurs

Your partnership will contribute to decrease chronic disease costs
by anticipating and reducing patient re-hospitalization

P2link has developed a full set of very powerful tools based on a multi-local approach and deployed with a network of dedicated local Digital Health Centers (DHC). These DHCs are local, permanently supported and controlled by P2link, and follow company high-level socio-medical standards.


Proximity is critical to deliver high quality medical services. P2link Digital Health Centers (DHC) are closely integrated into their communities and managed by a well-respected local socio-medical expert sharing common ethical values.

Regional approach

This regional approach, based on easy-to-manage multiple human-size Digital Health Centers (DHC), will bridge the unacceptable medical gap that remote, isolated, lower class and aging populations have to deal with.

Local entrepreneurs

Local entrepreneurs with proven success records capable of sharing a common vision and value will be eligible for a P2link franchise, accelerating Digital Health Centers’ deployment around the globe.

With your talent, P2link aims to become the first and the largest truly universal health monitoring and prevention organization, building a network of DHC owned and managed by dynamic citizens who are deeply involved in their respective communities.

With your talent, P2link aims to become the first and the largest truly universal health monitoring and prevention organization…

Efficient prevention for efficient business

You have a significant experience in the socio-medical domain?

Our business is for you. A regular P2link franchised DHC starts with only 60 patients…

A regular P2link franchised DHC starts with 60 patients and reaches breakeven with a cohort of 900 patients. To assure a high-quality service, P2link has planned for a smooth deployment growing to a peak of 5,000 patients after 36 months. Depending on the franchisee performance and local resources, P2link always has the option of accelerating this rollout.

Profit & Loss

1k patients 2.5k patients 5k patients
P2link FRANCHISEE GROSS SALES 100% 100% 100%
Total Cost of Sales 27.9% 27.9% 27.9%
GROSS PROFIT 72.1% 72.1% 72.1%
Total Controllable Expenses 49.9% 46.4% 42.8%
P.A.C. (Profit After Controllable expenses) 22.2% 25.7% 29.3%
Total Non-Controllable Expenses 17.3% 14.8% 14.0%
PROFIT MARGIN FOR FRANCHISEE (Pretax) 4.9% 10.9% 15.3%

Unique opportunity

Investing in a P2link license presents a tremendous and unique opportunity for a dynamic entrepreneur to combine social actions with comfortable revenue.

Comfortable income

Typically, an average P2link franchisee should be able to run his own local Digital Health Center with 30 FTE agents, 8×5, taking care of 5,000 patients per annum…


The franchisee career path must demonstrate a significant experience in the socio-medical sector but doesn’t necessary have to be a physician

Legal compliance, real estate, hospital contract T&Cs, premise layout, medical devices, telecom H/W, proprietary S/W, initial setup, web services, training and L3 support will be 100% sourced by P2link Corporation for the franchisee to remain focused on only two things, to take care of his customers (patients, hospital) and to take care of his employees (nurses, care managers…).

Want a great success?

Join a dynamic team focused on patients and innovative telemedicine.